Who we are.

We make cool clothes that are fun to wear. 

We are an independently owned design company.  Products range from swimwear, upcycled garments, and one of a kind clothing. Everything is made to order and custom to your fit and preferences. 

Created in San Diego, California, Greta Girl Designs is for the people who show their uniqueness and creativity through their fashion sense.  Every product is handmade from the best fabrics available.  We understand that every body is one-of-a-kind, and your clothes should be able to highlight that.

A little about me.

My name is Greta Fehlan and I’ve been creating and sewing for most of my life.

I started to sew my own clothes when I realized I wanted to wear unique items that were inexpensive. Growing up and living in Southern California, I started by making my own swimsuit, and I quickly knew this was going to be something I love to do. 

As I developed my skills I went from swim tops to evening dresses. Friends and classmates began to ask where my clothes were from and if they could buy them too.  So I decided to start selling my swimsuits and unique clothes.